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  1. The site's founders have moved out of Sweden, but Stockholm wants them back.
  2. Because of their high radioactivity, fuel rods continue to produce very significant heat even after they are no longer useful for generating electricity and are removed from the reactor core. Such “spent fuel” rods need to be continually cooled for many years to prevent them from heating to a level where they would suffer damage.
  3. sudo tcpdump -A -i en1 tcp port 80
  4. ausführlicher artikel über die Sabra and Shatila massaker, auf denen Waltz with Bashir beruht
  5. hintergrund infos zum rt-kernel und was der aufwand denn letzendlich soll
  6. Ciudad Bolivar is the largest informal settlement of Bogota, the capital of Colombia. What follows is an assessment of the current urban and social condition of Ciudad Bolivar.
  7. blog von anne roth über das innnleben einer terrorismus ermittlung
  8. The student revolt of 1968 in Mexico is known to the world because of the massacre of October 2 in the Plaza of the Three Cultures at Tlatelolco in Mexico City.

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