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  1. a book based on the central idea of conceiving squatting as an alternative to capitalism.
  2. Ob in London, Amsterdam, Rio, Mumbai oder Caracas – junge Hausbesetzer haben es nicht verdient, kriminalisiert zu werden. Denn sie übernehmen soziale Verantwortung
  3. Dutch people of the 2 largest anti-squat agencies Camelot property management and Ad Hoc property management are followed to investigate what are the consequences of not having renters rights. Who are using the services of anti-squat agencies? and how do politicians, housing experts, lawyers and others involved judge this rising phenomenon.
  4. We start where we are but we fight to bridge the gap between the rich and the poor. We fight to make those who are blind to poverty to be able to see the poverty that we see. We work to show those who are blind to the poor the strength of the poor.
  5. dharavi.org is a multimedia wiki website designed to gather information, images, and ideas on Dharavi in Mumbai.
  6. Ciudad Bolivar is the largest informal settlement of Bogota, the capital of Colombia. What follows is an assessment of the current urban and social condition of Ciudad Bolivar.
  7. MTST bsetzung in sumaré (auf portugiesisch)

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