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  2. In a multi-environment setup (e.g. prod, test, dev, local) there are some modules that you'd like to always be enabled or disabled on certain environments.
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  3. The Asset module proposes a new approach to the media management in Drupal, resolving a long-standing problem of reusable media files (images, videos, documents, etc) that evolved into the problem of reusable media content (images/videos/documents/etc with the attached content like description/licence/etc).
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  4. Scald is a different take on how to handle media - known as atoms - in Drupal. It is a platform designed to make it extremely easy to implement the social features which are so essential - and so unique - to the Web communities. Additionally, Scald - in tandem with the DnD module - provides a novel and natural way for users to compose complex posts.
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  5. An edit widget that allows you to easily find content for an Entity Reference field and also a Node Reference field. Please note, the Node Reference fields is still a work in progress.
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  6. The field_extract module provides a couple of easy-to-use functions that make extracting data from entity fields much easier - as a developer you don't have to worry about languages and deltas, you just make the call.
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  7. This is a parser for the Feeds module that allows parsing JSON using JSONPath. It is very similar to the Feeds XPath Parser module.
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  8. Special menu items is a Drupal module that provides placeholder and separator menu items.
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  9. It uses the FitVids.js library for fluid width video embeds (e.g. flash video in <iframe>s). You don't need it for pure HTML5 videos.
  10. Librarian-puppet is a bundler for your puppet infrastructure. You can use librarian-puppet to manage the puppet modules your infrastructure depends on. It is based on Librarian, a framework for writing bundlers, which are tools that resolve, fetch, instal
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