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  3. The Konami Code is a cheat code that appeared in many Konami video games. The Konami Code module makes it so that when users enter a given code on your website, it invokes a certain action.
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  4. Stage File Proxy saves you development time and disk space.When developing Drupal sites locally, you often face a choice between broken images and taking the time to copy a snapshot of the remote files directory, which might be several gigabytes large, depending on the site. Stage File Proxy lets you update the database of your local development instance without having to update your files directory. Stage File Proxy transfers each requested file just in time when it is requested.
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  5. Cache actions provides rules actions for clearing drupal caches.
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  6. This module implements a views cache plugin that is aware of content and can provide caching for views, until the content in those views changes.
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  7. Displays system messages in fully themeable colored horizontal bars on top of the page, similar to Stack Overflow / Stack Exchange network notifications.
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  8. This is the new home of Features direct save module, it will add an option to unlink features.
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  9. Input formats is an API that allows for the export and import of input formats like an object. This module makes it possible to export and import wysiwyg editor settings into Features.
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  10. Contextual Administration is an administration tool based on CTools Page Manager module. It allows for the deployment of custom administrative pages through a typical database driven mechanism or can take advantage of the typical page_manager exports through custom modules + exports or features module.
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