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  1. Watching a movie and the dialogue is too quiet and the action too loud? Use VLC's built in Dynamic Compression tool - Some starter settings.
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  2. Youtube video downloader
  3. Download online service for internet video plattforms
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  5. All eyes are on Brazil as it endures... errr.... *hosts* the 2014 soccer World Coup - the most watched sporting event on the planet. Join Robert Foster as he investigates why many Brazilians are protesting against THIEFA, the shady organisation that runs
  6. Having covered conflicts in distant lands, we now turn our attention to our own native homeland, the Internet; where the battle for the hypersphere has reached new heights, as netizens take up arms against Telcoms and the FCC, to preserve the fundamental
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  8. cclive is a tool for downloading media from YouTube and similar websites. It has a low memory footprint compared to other existing tools. cclive works closely with the quvi project to work around to the flash technology that is being utilized by different media hosts to deliver the content.
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