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  2. HAL is a format you can use in your API that gives you a simple way of linking. It has two variants, one in JSON and one in XML.
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  3. First draft of HTML img srcset for responsive images
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  5. Because Salmon is an open standard, any service can implement it without formal business relationships, and Google Buzz is expected to enter the Salmon ecosystem next. If a substantial portion of the technical community implements Salmon, Facebook could be under a lot of pressure to do so as well. (As it was with OpenID, for example.) If you could still message your friends inside and outside Facebook, it would be a lot easier for innovative new alternative networks to lure you away from the one big site that 400 million people use today.
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  6. HTTP based protocol to attach meta-data to an email address
  7. This memo describes a method for locating host metadata for Web-based protocols. Such metadata could be, e.g., crossdomain.xml, robots.txt, webfinger infos, etc.
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  9. The Open Web Foundation is an attempt to create a home for community-driven specifications.
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