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  1. Idno is a social networking platform designed to be as easy to use from your phone or tablet as from your laptop or desktop workstation.
  2. foebud leidet unter NIH-syndrom
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  3. Comparison of projects - The protocols of these projects are generally open and free. The software of the projects is generally free and open source.
  4. Safebook is an online social network that is specifically designed to prevent privacy violations by intruders, malicious users and/or even by OSN providers. Safebook is mainly characterized by a Peer-to-peer based decentralized architecture whereby basic security and privacy problems as well as the lack of a priori trust and incentives are addressed by leveraging on real-life trust between users, such that services like data storage or profile data routing are performed by peers who trust one another in the social network. The Safebook project was proposed by the Networking and Security Department in Eurecom and was funded by the Socialnets research project funded by the European Commission under the Information Society Technology.
  5. ostatus based social network, just for some testing
  6. This application allows you to create gdf files (a simple text format that specifies an undirected graph) from the friendship relations of either your personal network or the groups you are a member of. These files can then be analyzed and visualized using graph visualization software such as GUESS or the powerful and very easy to use gephi platform.

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