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  1. The languages of street art are constantly changing. Merging with the urban environment, street art has become an indivisible part of the metropolitan visual language. Artists don't lag behind — staying active on the streets, they are mastering new media of contemporary art and industrial design origin…
  2. The modern megapolis is unthinkable without graffiti. Each person, living in the big city and running right along in its environment, daily and everywhere meets numerous graffiti , sprayed on every possible plane and surfaces of the city landscape — results of activity of the street artists, anonymously put in the city area their messages and signs, finished and self-sufficient.
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  4. Russische Gaunerchansons
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  5. Last week Banksy declared that all profits from his current print sale would be gifted to Russian art anarchist group Voina. Known for drawing an enormous cock on a bridge opposite the ex-KGB offices, and instigating a sex party in a museum (see above). We spoke to the group (half of which were replying from prison).
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  6. Google Mashup - Transibirische Eisenbahn in Video und Kartenverfolgung - komplette Strecke
  7. ...there are signs “RADIOACTIVITY” written with big white letters on the approaching paths to the structure but they don’t stop the abandoned exotics lovers....

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