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  1. This website provides free e-books, mainly about holistic agriculture, holistic health and self-sufficient homestead living. There are secondary collections about social criticism and transformational psychology.
  2. This forum exists for individuals interested in the study and practice of permaculture and for consultants, designers and teachers of this discipline, conceived and stewarded by Bill Mollison & David Holmgren plus thousands more individuals over the years, from around the world offering their knowledge, skills and experience. It will provide a useful resource for those who choose to become involved with the study of permaculture, gardening and farming as a means of achieving self-sufficiency and independence, practicing it actively at home and throughout their communities and bioregions.
  3. Drupalcon2008 Video bei archive.org
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  4. Audio Anarchy is a project for transcribing anarchist books into audio format.
  5. This post presents 45 excellent blog designs with a perfect layout and unique personal note. We haven’t analyzed the content of the blogs; instead we focused on ideas, approaches, graphics and layouts.
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  6. Over the last year we’ve been observing what’s happening with the CSS-based web-development, and we collected most useful CSS-techniques we’ve stumbled upon
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  7. Viel zu lesen,ob der Winter reicht?
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  9. All applications that are not ready for end users can be listed here.
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