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  1. Command line interfaces are meant to be easy. So why shouldn’t building them be easy, too? HighLine provides a solid toolset to help you get the job done cleanly so you can focus on the real task at hand, your task.
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  2. Magic Rescue scans a block device for file types it knows how to recover and calls an external program to extract them. It looks at "magic bytes" in file contents, so it can be used both as an undelete utility and for recovering a corrupted drive or par
  3. Quite a few of the tips that get submitted on shell-fu.org aren’t that useful if you need to remember them, but are just the thing to put in your bashrc as aliases or functions.
  4. Vielleicht findet man ja was unbekanntes (wie pwck).
  5. Top 100 Network Security Tools
  6. An overview of the most commonly used command-line text tools

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