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  1. kurzer artikel über das kölner squat az
  2. Why the revolution will not be tweeted. Social media can’t provide what social change has always required.
  3. we have obtained these articles for educational purposes by various means and occasions. although they are mostly related with media theory, politics, and social theory, they are not gathered within a specific order here. most of them are chapters from books, some of them are individual articles. most of them are scanned nicely, some are not that great. we present these articles here for sharing with you.
  4. Solange die Rohstoffpreise hoch bleiben, sind Mangan-Vorkommen im Pazifik interessant: Die Bundesregierung hat sich dort einen großen Explorations-Claim gesichert
  5. Nach dem misslungenen Anschlag von Detroit wird eine alte Idee der EU-Kommission aufgewärmt: Die Daten aller Flugpassagiere sollen künftig 13 Jahre lang gespeichert werden.
  6. wikipedia und ungewünschte machtstrukturen die freies publizieren verhindern
  7. We start where we are but we fight to bridge the gap between the rich and the poor. We fight to make those who are blind to poverty to be able to see the poverty that we see. We work to show those who are blind to the poor the strength of the poor.
  8. Authorities say Enrique Portocarrero was the innovative creator of stealthy submarines called semi-submersibles, used by cocaine traffickers to evade detection.
  9. Wikipedia article traffic statistics
  10. MTST bsetzung in sumaré (auf portugiesisch)

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