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  1. Spectrum is an XMPP transport/gateway. It allows XMPP users to communicate with their friends who are using one of the supported networks. It supports a wide range of different networks such as ICQ, XMPP (Jabber, GTalk), AIM, MSN, Facebook, Twitter, Gadu-Gadu, IRC and SIMPLE. Spectrum is written in C++ and uses the Gloox XMPP library and libpurple for “legacy networks”. Spectrum is open source and released under the GNU GPL.
  2. tweet.IM is a free service offered by ProcessOne. It enables you to use micro-blogging platforms like Twitter from your existing instant messaging application. The service makes it easier for you to send messages (called tweets), as well as follow the tweets of other users.
  3. The past few days I invested in developing a base framework for implementing service bots atop of micro-blogging services such as Twitter and Identica. The framework is written in Ruby and builds upon John Nunemaker’s Twitter gem.
  4. twitter in opensource
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