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  1. collaborative network for local cultural production and trans-local dissemination
  2. This is a design for my allotment which I started in 2008 and it is constantly going under review and improvements. As for good permaculture practice a design is never "Finished".
  3. This forum exists for individuals interested in the study and practice of permaculture and for consultants, designers and teachers of this discipline, conceived and stewarded by Bill Mollison & David Holmgren plus thousands more individuals over the years, from around the world offering their knowledge, skills and experience. It will provide a useful resource for those who choose to become involved with the study of permaculture, gardening and farming as a means of achieving self-sufficiency and independence, practicing it actively at home and throughout their communities and bioregions.
  4. Knowledge Base All about permaculture ethics, principles and design methods. 'Practical solutions' brings together many different approaches and techniques used and 'resources' signposts a wealth of information and support.
  5. Wir erforschen den Boden sind Planungsvorschläge für die Hand des Lehrers. Es ist eine Zusammenstellung von Untersuchungsmethoden für den Schulunterricht.
  6. Hinweise, Pflanzenlisten, Links zum anlegen eines Waldgartens
  7. liste von pflanzen, nach Standorten und Verwendung
  8. Permaculture is a design-based approach to practical sustainability, using systems thinking and approaches that combine regenerative ethics with ecological principles to create ssutaianble environments. Permaculture was developed in teh sub-troics (Australia) and thus there was some debate about how well it could adapt to practiced in Temperate climates. THis film dispenses with any such worries. In this documentary, we take a look at a case study of permaculture in rteh Austrian Alps, which is snowed over for much of the year. DEspite this, by using peramcultrue design and a lifetime's experince, the farm here produces abundant adn diverse yeilds, while attracting interest from people and resturants far and wide.

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