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  1. A curated list of resources for learning about application security - focused on PHP
  2. An assay why PHP is not a good programming language
  3. Creating JavaScript based crypto is possible but risky
  4. Overview of tools to reverse engineer java byte code
  5. PHP security checklist
  6. Javascipt nur mit wenigen non alphanummerischen Zeichen coden
  7. Ausführlicher PHP rant
  8. Ist endlich wieder am start :) Ganz verrückt was den Leuten so einfällt. Ein Blick in den Source lohnt sich, dagegen ist soduko öde
  9. For Turing-complete languages we cannot reliably decide offline whether a program has the potential to execute an error; we have to just run it and see
  10. diStorm64 is a professional quality open source disassembler library for AMD64

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