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  1. Gente que hace cosas extrañas con o sin electricidad
  2. v*i*d*a lab was offered as an elective for 7th-semester Industrial Design students at Javeriana University in Bogotá, Colombia, between 2005 and 2008.
  3. quidBee is an Open Hardware and Source wireless sensor device. The goal of SquidBee is getting an "open mote" to create Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN).
  4. noch mehr hardware hacking
  5. hardware hacking blog
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  6. pdf mit vielen schaltungsbeispielen für arduino: motoren, transistoren, piezo sensoren...
  7. The intention of the OpenPCD project is to offer the users full hardware control of the RFID signal and to provide different output signals for screening the communication.
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  8. a fun microcontroller board inspired by the awesome Arduino project
  9. Alejandro Tamayo is an artist-engineer and a teacher working in the intersections of design, art and new technologies in a country that is often seen as the land of wild cartels, coffee, futbol, the terribly boring : Colombia.
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  10. NYC Resistor is a hacker collective with a shared space located in downtown Brooklyn. We meet regularly to share knowledge, hack on projects together, and build community.

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