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  3. “When I’m in the garden,” she said, “the world is gone.”
  4. In this paper, I evaluated the long-term vegetation dynamics of two extensive green roof (EGR) installations in Berlin. The first, installed on two inner-city residential buildings in 1985, consisted of 10 sections ("sub-roofs") with a combined area of 650 square meters.
  5. Sack gardening is a form container gardening that can be practised in densely populated areas where a garden plot is usually not available for most parts of the local population. Like other forms of urban gardens that can be found worldwide since the existence of cities, i.e. roof, backyard or community gardens, they all complement the nutrition of their owners by providing vegetables, herbs and staples
  6. Ungenutzte Parkplätze, alte Industriezonen, vernachlässigte Hausgärten: Den neuen Biobauern von Detroit ist es völlig gleich, wo sie neue Anbauflächen schaffen. Ihre Stadt soll grüner werden, nicht weil es schöner aussieht, sondern damit die Einwohner ihr eigenes Obst und Gemüse auf dem Teller haben.
  7. Deterioration of fruits and vegetables during storage depends largely on temperature. One way to slow down this change and so increase the length of time fruits and vegetables can be stored, is by lowering the temperature to an appropriate level. It must be remembered that if the temperature is too low the produce will be damaged and also that as soon as the produce leaves the cold store, deterioration starts again and often at a faster rate.
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