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  1. simple GUI to set up virtual machines for PHP development
    26-05-2013 to , , , , by totpunk and -1 others
  2. Automatically adapts your existing HTML images for mobile devices. No mark-up changes needed. Just drop it in and forget about it.
  3. 9 million hits/day with 120 megs RAM
    01-09-2011 to , , by totpunk and -1 others
  4. The Simplest Content Management System Ever GetSimple has everything your client needs, and nothing a CMS doesn't
    16-07-2011 to , , by totpunk and -1 others
  5. schnell mal unserializen
    16-09-2010 to , , by totpunk and -1 others
  6. XHProf is a hierarchical profiler for PHP. It reports function-level call counts and inclusive and exclusive metrics such as wall (elapsed) time, CPU time and memory usage. A function's profile can be broken down by callers or callees. The raw data collection component is implemented in C as a PHP Zend extension called xhprof. XHProf has a simple HTML based user interface (written in PHP). The browser based UI for viewing profiler results makes it easy to view results or to share results with peers. A callgraph image view is also supported.
    16-01-2010 to , , by totpunk and -1 others
  7. Using multiple content flushes allows you to improve both the real and the perceived performance. Let's see how.
    21-12-2009 to , , , , by totpunk and -1 others
  8. 19-10-2009 to , , by totpunk and -1 others
  9. Extending Your Script Execution Time
    11-06-2008 to , by totpunk and -1 others

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