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  1. Von den Ideen der sechziger bis zu einem Internet-basierten Schwarm Ansatz zum "Kampf gegen den Klimawandel"
  2. GoalBit is a peer to peer distribution system, capable of distributing high-bandwidth live-content to all network peers preserving its quality. This project follows a bittorrent-like approach where the stream is decomposed into several flows sent by different peers to each client. In order to meassure the peers perceived quality, it is used the recently proposed PSQA (Pseudo-Subjective Quality Assessment) technology.
  3. java basierte alternative zu flash-playern
  4. 06-03-2009 to , , , , by tante
  5. Transmission is a network of citizen journalists, video makers, artists, researchers, programmers and web producers who are developing online video distribution tools for social justice and media democracy.
  6. Flivpee is an open-source Flash video player that I've released under the GPLv3
    16-10-2008 to , , , , by ibot
  7. 01-02-2008 to , , , by totpunk

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