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  1. Why and some tips on how.
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  2. Generating PDFs in plain Ruby can be a lot of work. Instead, consider generating PDFs from HTML using PDFKit.
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  3. Calendars If dates play an important role in your application, consider adding a date picker or calendar view as shown in this episode.
  4. This is the first part of a three part series on building an administration system. Many developers choose to separate it completely from the public side of the site by placing it into an admin subdirectory. This episode will show you an alternative and often better solution.
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  6. RAM (Ruby Asset Manager) is the premiere open-source, role-based, access-controlled digital asset manager for Ruby on Rails. * Development Status: 3 - Alpha * Environment: Web Environment * Intended Audience: Developers, End Users/Desktop, System Administrators * License: MIT/X Consortium License * Natural Language: English * Operating System: OS Independent * Programming Language: Ruby * Topic: File Sharing, Rails, Site Management
  7. When it comes time to deploy your new web application, instead of sending down a dozen javascript and css files full of formatting and comments, this Rails plugin makes it simple to merge and compress JavaScript and CSS down into one or more files, increasing speed and saving bandwidth.
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  9. Basic Rails App
  10. Kurz-Referenz Ruby on Rails

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