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  1. It's a tool to monitor and manage any number of Drupal installations at once
    17-02-2015 to , , , by ibot and -1 others
  2. monitoring like munin
    14-12-2012 to , , by hundfred and -1 others
  3. Uptime status Public APIs
    10-11-2011 to , , , by totpunk and -1 others
  4. Nagios Erweiterungen
  5. Prey lets you keep track of your phone or laptop at all times, and will help you find it if it ever gets lost or stolen. It's lightweight, open source software, and free for anyone to use.
  6. NfSen is a graphical web based front end for the nfdump netflow tools.
    06-01-2011 to , by tostado and -1 others
  7. This is a project to develop and build open source energy monitoring, control and analysis tools for energy efficiency and distributed renewable microgeneration. These technologies are at the heart of sustainable energy systems, monitoring and controlling how energy flows between the various parts of the system. These tasks can be achieved using a low cost, modular, open source microcontroller system known as an Arduino, powerful and flexible enough to form the basis of a wide range of systems. PV installation monitors, solar hot water controllers, household energy monitors etc, can be assembled from a selection of modules linked together with an Arduino and configured using simple to use software libraries.
  8. iTop, ein freies Online-Tool für IT Service Management, ist in Version 1.0 verfügbar.

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