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  1. Adding semantic value to your news is not rocket science. It doesn’t even require serious plumbing in the depths of your database.
  2. Firefox Extension for interaction with Microformats
  3. VIREL is a website-friendly crawler for microformats. It is primarily focusing on collecting published open microformats embedded in websites.
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  4. The Safari Microformats plugin notifies you when the author of the website has published Microformats and allows you to easily import hCards and hCalendars in Address Book and iCal
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  5. Fuzzbot is a native Firefox plug-in that uses librdfa for it's processing back-end. It is most useful for detecting embedded semantic information in web pages and performing actions on that semantic data.
  6. experimentelle yahoo suche, die microformats berücksichtigt
  7. MicroID is not an authentication or single-sign-on service, just a straightforward method for identifying content ownership that complements existing technologies such as OpenID and microformats.
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