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  1. A KeePass client for OS X
  2. Password management should be simple and follow Unix philosophy. With pass, each password lives inside of a gpg encrypted file whose filename is the title of the website or resource that requires the password.
    05-11-2013 to , , by totpunk and -1 others
  3. Syscp Weiterentwicklung
  4. Warum geht Wissen verloren - IT Blog
  5. InDefero is basically a clone of GoogleCode but with git, mercurial and subversion support. The motto of InDefero "beautiful simplicity".
  6. der nachfolger von activecollab (das jetzt closedsource ist)
  7. activeCollab is an easy to use, web based, open source collaboration and project management tool. Set up an environment where you, your team and your clients can collaborate on active projects using a set of simple, functional tools.

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