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  2. Images are encrypted using AES-256 with random key in your browser before upload. Nobody can view your images, even people who have direct access to servers. We also use TLS which defend you from Man-in-the-Middle attacks.
  3. This Free DNS hosting service is provided to help people that don't want to lose time and money with providers not always reactive to DNS changes.We can provide you primary and secondary name server for free
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  4. Branchable makes it easy for anyone to create blogs and wikis that are powered by the Ikiwiki engine.We know that everyone should own and control their data. So we don't lock you in. You can download the entire content of your site at any time, and move it elsewhere if you desire. Everything about your site is version controlled using Git. It's branchable.
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  5. The Seattle Community Colocation Project (SCCP) provides server colocation to non-profits, social justice organizations, free software projects, and linux hobbyists on a sliding scale and donation basis. The project is similar to other established and fledgling community colocation projects.
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  6. Gitolite can restrict who can read from (clone/fetch) or write to (push) a repository. It can also restrict who can push to what branch or tag, which is very important in a corporate environment. Gitolite can be installed without requiring root permissions, and with no additional software than git itself and perl. It also has several other neat features described below and elsewhere in the doc/ directory.
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