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  1. With the help of Openmoko and a local SMD specialist company in Munich, we can now offer a rework service.
  2. **ahhh** das freerunner started nicht mehr wenn die batterie komplett leer ist
  3. openmokofdom releases
  4. qtopia snapshots zum selber compilieren
  5. falls opkg beim upgrade des fso repos abstürzt könnten diese forum posts helfen
  6. installing and Using Debian on an OpenMoko FreeRunner
  7. neocon is a handy serial console utility (not only) for u-boot.
  8. This page explains how to boot a Freerunner from the (micro-)SD card rather than from the built-in NAND flash memory.
  9. This page provides instructions on how to install Qtopia (proper, not the ASU or QtopiaOnX11 efforts) on the GTA02 (Freerunner) phone

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