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  1. In a multi-environment setup (e.g. prod, test, dev, local) there are some modules that you'd like to always be enabled or disabled on certain environments.
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  3. responsive theme with sass/compass
  4. How it worksImage selection rests solely on the client's side, hence the name of the module. Unlike some other adaptive image techniques, the server takes no part in the image selection process. Instead, the module provides the list of candidate images during page generation, and the client picks the right one through JavaScript (or through a fallback if JavaScript is not enabled).
  5. Stage File Proxy saves you development time and disk space.When developing Drupal sites locally, you often face a choice between broken images and taking the time to copy a snapshot of the remote files directory, which might be several gigabytes large, depending on the site. Stage File Proxy lets you update the database of your local development instance without having to update your files directory. Stage File Proxy transfers each requested file just in time when it is requested.
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  6. The Adaptive image module provides device-appropriate versions of images from your fields.You can activate adaptive images by adding an adaptive effect to any of your image styles.
  7. This module integrates the Responsive Images library created by Filament Group.The purpose of this library is to load images in different sizes based uponthe resolution of the browser loading the page. This allows for mobile-optimized images.This module provides a "Responsive Images" image field formatter for which you can selectboth a small (mobile-optimized) image style as well as a large (for normal screens) image style.
  8. provides a model entity and entity administration interface to kick-start your entity development
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