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  1. “Instead of becoming more like technology companies or remaining beholden to platforms, publishers could help to build the internet they need.”
  2. Glympse™ is a groundbreaking new way to share your location with anyone for a specified period of time using patent-pending GlympseWatch™ timer.
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  4. zu abonnieren in adblock plus
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  5. führt ein schönes beispiel für ein problem auf, das die spackeria bestimmt wieder nicht verstehen will
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  7. GridCalendar (abbreviated as grical), is an open web where people store quickly a few information about interesting events, so that others can also easily know about them. Grical makes easy and fast for its users to get notified and store interesting events in its own external calendars.
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  8. Lorea is a project to create secure social cybernetic systems, in which human networks will become simultaneusly represented on a virtual shared world. Its aim is to create a distributed and federated nodal organization of entities with no geophysical territory, interlacing their multiple relationships through binary codes and languages.
  9. Übersicht über freie #socialnetwork Software
  10. social suchergebnisse

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