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  2. Mallory is an extensible TCP/UDP man in the middle proxy that is designed to be run as a gateway. Unlike other tools of its kind, Mallory supports modifying non-standard protocols on the fly.
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  3. eigene proxy-einstellungen für chrome/chromium, mit weiche
  4. eigene proxy-einstellungen für chrome/chromium
  5. Transparent proxy server that works as a poor man's VPN. Forwards over ssh. Doesn't require admin access. Works with Linux and MacOS, now including 10.6
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  6. Seeks is a free and open P2P design and application for enabling social websearch. Its specific purpose is to regroup users whose queries are similar so they can share both the query results and their experience on these results. On this basis, Seeks allows for true real-time, decentralized, websearch to emerge.
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  7. A semi-automated, largely passive web application security audit tool, optimized for an accurate and sensitive detection, and automatic annotation, of potential problems and security-relevant design patterns based on the observation of existing, user-initiated traffic in complex web 2.0 environments.
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  8. memcached + integrated proxy + more
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  9. A rendezvous proxy broadcaster allowing advertising of services for other machines that do not support multicasting their configuration information.
  10. iTorrent allows you to download BitTorrent podcasts from iTunes. It transforms BitTorrent podcasts so that you can update them just like any other podcast in iTunes. iTorrent also has the ability to smooth out the downloads for non-BitTorrent podcasts as

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