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  1. Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer currency. Peer-to-peer means that no central authority issues new money or tracks transactions. These tasks are managed collectively by the network.
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  2. Namecoin is a peer to peer naming system based on bitcoin. It is a secure and cnesorship reistant replacement for DNS.Ownership of a name is based on ownership of a coin, which is in turn based on public key cryptography. The namecoin network reaches consensus every few minutes as to which names have been reserved or updated.It is envisioned that the .bit domain be used for gluing namecoin domain names into the DNS. This can be done close to the user or even by the user.
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  4. Seeks is a free and open P2P design and application for enabling social websearch. Its specific purpose is to regroup users whose queries are similar so they can share both the query results and their experience on these results. On this basis, Seeks allows for true real-time, decentralized, websearch to emerge.
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  5. drop a URL to an HTTP download in the blank, and Burnbit automatically creates a torrent file and begins seeding.
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  6. The sneakernet is a 99% offline encrypted filesharing network. Mac and Windows support at the moment.
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  7. Alliance takes the best from BitTorrent, Direct Connect and Waste and creates a decentralized and secure p2p network. It is a private and secure environment to share files and communicate with people you know. Alliance works on Windows, Linux and Mac.
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  8. GoalBit is a peer to peer distribution system, capable of distributing high-bandwidth live-content to all network peers preserving its quality. This project follows a bittorrent-like approach where the stream is decomposed into several flows sent by different peers to each client. In order to meassure the peers perceived quality, it is used the recently proposed PSQA (Pseudo-Subjective Quality Assessment) technology.
  9. This week the world’s first torrent hosting service was born. Named Torrage, the sole purpose of the site is to provide a platform where both individual users and large torrent indexers can host their torrents.
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