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  1. External Links is a small module used to differentiate between internal and external links. Using jQuery, it will find all external links on a page and add an external icon indicating it will take you offsite or a mail icon for mailto: links.
    08-09-2009 to , , , , and -1 others
  2. This module allows you to protect your website with a browser-based password (HTTP Auth). The usernames and passwords are tied directly to the Drupal user database. You can restrict access to the site by role and choose to secure certain pages or the entire site. This means the site will be inaccessible to search engines and other crawlers, but you can still allow access to certain people.
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  3. Drupal video: fast, cheap, easy. Get video into your Drupal site easily. No need to configure transcoding software or mess with embed codes. CDN2 is a plug and play module and video management service for Drupal from WorkHabit.
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  4. Module handles every aspect of video and rich-media functionalities, including transcoding, uploading and importing content, user management and permissions, hosting and streaming on Kaltura’s servers, and even collaborative editing and remixing of cont
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  5. Multistep adds multiple-step functionality to content type editing forms. It does so by assigning a step number to each fieldgroup within the content type and hiding all the groups that do not belong to the current step.
    16-12-2008 to , , and -1 others
  6. This module augments Views by allowing bulk operations to be executed on the nodes displayed by a view.
    11-12-2008 to , , , and -1 others
  7. WYMeditor is a lightweight XHTML/Javascript WYSIWYM (What You See Is What You Mean) editor.
    29-11-2008 to , , , , and -1 others
  8. Install Profile API and Profile Wizard
    04-09-2008 to , , , and -1 others
  9. Generates a drupal installation profile from a existing drupal site.
    04-09-2008 to , , and -1 others
  10. 20-06-2008 to , , , , and -1 others

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