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  1. Yii is a high-performance PHP framework best for developing Web 2.0 applications.
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  2. open source development tool for building fast, easy mobile apps with JavaScript. If you’re a web developer who wants to build mobile applications in HTML and JavaScript while still taking advantage of the core features in the iPhone, Android and Blackberry SDKs, PhoneGap is for you.
  3. Magento is a new professional open-source eCommerce solution offering unprecedented flexibility and control. With Magento, never feel trapped in your eCommerce solution again.
  4. 03-05-2007 to , and -1 others
  5. Rails-inspired PHP frameworks
  6. Yahoo! has publicly launched two new (previously internal) libraries
    14-02-2006 to , , , , and -1 others
  7. jQuery is a Javascript library that takes this motto to heart: Writing Javascript code should be fun. jQuery acheives this goal by taking common, repetitive, tasks, stripping out all the unnecessary markup, and leaving them short, smart and understandable
  8. 03-12-2005 to , , , and -1 others

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