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  3. The Hamburg Maker Meeting is an event for makers, hackers, tinkerers, creators and artists to meet, show their projects, exchange ideas and be inspired by the work of others.
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  5. Wie eine Mischung aus Lego-Technic und Mindstorm für Erwachsene wirkt der Hardwarebaukasten von Tinkerforge. Mit den kleinen Elektronikbausteinen lassen sich beliebige Geräte bauen und erweitern, vom Roboter bis zur Heimautomation. Die komplette Hardware und Software ist Open Source.
  6. sugru is the exciting new air-curing rubber that can be formed by hand. It bonds to most materials and turns into a strong, flexible silicone rubber overnight
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  8. a place to share digital designs that can be made into real, physical objects. Let's create a better universe, together!
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  10. The Amish have the undeserved reputation of being luddites, of people who refuse to employ new technology. It's well known the strictest of them don't use electricity, or automobiles, but rather farm with manual tools and ride in a horse and buggy.  In any debate about the merits of embracing new technology, the Amish stand out as offering an honorable alternative of refusal. Yet Amish lives are anything but anti-technological. In fact on my several visits with them, I have found them to be ingenious hackers and tinkers, the ultimate makers and do-it-yourselfers and surprisingly pro technology.

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