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  1. ShareJS is an Operational Transform library for NodeJS & browsers. It lets you easily do live concurrent editing in your app.
  2. MobWrite converts forms and web applications into collaborative environments. Create a simple single-user system, add one line of JavaScript, and instantly get a collaborative system.
  3. Formerly known as OpenGoo, Feng Office Collaboration Platform enables you to: * Manage your projects and business services * Collaborate with your team and your customers * Organize and share documents and files
  4. jinfinote is a JavaScript implementation of the Infinote protocol, an open standard for software supporting collaborative real-time editing of text files. The goal of this project is to aid in creating a collaborative real-time editor for the web, similiar to EtherPad. Desktop editors such as Gobby are already available for many platforms, and the intention is to close the missing link to the browser.
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