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  1. A slightly more sophisticated replacement for that also supports being set as the PAGER environment variable. Displays man pages, perldocs and python documentation properly.
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  2. Formatting based on the latest Puppetlabs Style Guide, Syntax highlighting, Automatic => alignment (when the tabular plugin is also installed), Snippets for builtin types and functions (when the snipmate plugin is also installed)
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  3. I've spent some time recently on setting up my environment to work more productively on writing puppet manifests. This blogpost highlights some of the findings to get me more productive on editing puppet files and modules. Some older information can be fo
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  5. Turning Vim into a modern Python IDE
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  6. Syntastic is a syntax checking plugin that runs files through external syntax checkers and displays any resulting errors to the user. This can be done on demand, or automatically as files are saved. If syntax errors are detected, the user is notified and
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  8. UltiSnips is the Ultimate solution for snippets under Vim. Snippets are intelligent texts that spare you a lot of typing. Like many snippets solutions, this one ins heavily inspired by TextMates Snippet Syntax and offers all features that TextMate offers plus some more. But in Vim.
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  9. Manage your 'runtimepath' with ease. In practical terms, pathogen.vim makes it super easy to install plugins and runtime files in their own private directories.
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  10. On Puppet managed systems it might be interesting and sometimes even important to know, if a file is managed by Puppet, because manual changes will be overridden next time Puppet executes.I’m only using vim on my machines and discovered a very nice plugin. It’s called Tangledstrings by Chris Jones and displays a warning message once a file is opened or saved
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