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  1. There are an increasing number of projects working on next generation secure email or email-like communication. This is an initial draft report highlighting the projects and comparing the approaches. Please help us fill in the missing details and correct any inaccuracies. To contribute to this document, fork this repository and issue a pull request.
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  3. Images are encrypted using AES-256 with random key in your browser before upload. Nobody can view your images, even people who have direct access to servers. We also use TLS which defend you from Man-in-the-Middle attacks.
  4. There is now an effort underway to restart the Lavabit project, however, which might be a good opportunity to take a critical look at the service itself. After all, how is it possible that a service which wasn’t supposed to have access to its users’ email
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  5. Verschlüsselung & Internetsicherheit für Anfänger und Fortgeschrittene
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  6. On this page, you will find a listing of various email service providers with specific information around security and privacy.
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  7. Gitian is a secure source-control oriented software distribution method. This means you can download trusted binaries that are verified by multiple builders.
  8. In der gestern zu Ende gegangenen zweitägigen Sitzung des Landtages in Schwerin wäre es beinahe unbemerkt geblieben. Die Nachricht hat es aber dennoch in sich. Die Regierungskoalition – bestehend aus den großen Bürgerrechtsparteien CDU und SPD – hat gleic
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  9. Spurenarm Surfen mit Mozilla Firefox, E-Mails verschlüsseln mit Thunderbird, Anonymisierungsdienste nutzen und Daten verschlüsseln für WINDOWS + Linux
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  10. The fourth Circumvention Tech Summit (CTS) will take place Sept 29 to Oct 1 in Berlin. CTS events are designed to increase dialog and cooperation between privacy tool developers, community activists, journalists and other stakeholders interested in improv
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