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  1. OpenWrt package files are submitted for inclusion Puppet/facter patches have been included in Trunk for inclusion in puppet 3.2 Binary packages have been made for early adopters (and me)
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  2. Puppet 3.2.1 landed today. Though it's a "patch" release, it's the first public release of the Puppet 3.2 series, and it includes a taste of the Puppet DSL's future in the form of an experimental parser that introduces some new features you'd expect to fi
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  3. This is a simple set of scripts that can be use to compile the catalogs of your different nodes with different puppet versions. The catalogs will be stored for later analysis, for example using puppet catalog diff to see if catalogs containing the same re
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  7. Formatting based on the latest Puppetlabs Style Guide, Syntax highlighting, Automatic => alignment (when the tabular plugin is also installed), Snippets for builtin types and functions (when the snipmate plugin is also installed)
    06-02-2013 to , , and -1 others
  8. I've spent some time recently on setting up my environment to work more productively on writing puppet manifests. This blogpost highlights some of the findings to get me more productive on editing puppet files and modules. Some older information can be fo
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