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  2. Transformations is an independent, double-blind peer-reviewed electronic journal addressing the transformative processes of new technologies and mediating practices that change the way we think, feel and interact with others both in a contemporary and historical sense. We welcome writing from the perspective of cultural theory, critical philosophy, aesthetics, media studies and other humanities approaches.
  3. we have obtained these articles for educational purposes by various means and occasions. although they are mostly related with media theory, politics, and social theory, they are not gathered within a specific order here. most of them are chapters from books, some of them are individual articles. most of them are scanned nicely, some are not that great. we present these articles here for sharing with you.
  4. Die jüngste, schon ganz mit dem Internet aufgewachsene Generation, versteht unter “gut informiert sein”, dass sie darüber im Bilde ist, was ihre Freunde im Netz gut finden
  5. This document is a code of best practices that helps educators using media literacy concepts and techniques to interpret the copyright doctrine of fair use. Fair use is the right to use copyrighted material without permission or payment under some circums
  6. The Corporation Filmmakers Official Download Edition - DIVX
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  8. Water: Resources & Discourses

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