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  1. anymals.org ist eine Android-basierte app, die Sie über das Tier- und Pflanzenleben in ihrer Umgebung informiert wann immer Sie ihr Handy anschalten.
  2. The Think Tank that has yet to be named initiates conversations, research, performative actions, and educational projects that interrogate contemporary issues in the places where we encounter them. The Think Tank is comprised of several Departments, each led by a single Director. Directors are both autonomous agents and cooperative collaborators. The Think Tank has no members, only directors; it is malleable, open, networked, and participatory. The declaration of a directorship in a Department amounts to a statement of that individual’s bias and agenda. Nothing is more offensive to the Think Tank than the pretense of neutrality.
  3. Dissident Island Radio focuses on environmental and social campaigns as well as issues that are relevant to anti-authoritarian people and groups. Broadcasting from the London social centre scene on the first and third Friday of every month
  4. MusicBrainz is a user-maintained community music metadatabase.
  5. interview mit den gruendern der foto- und video-platform zeec
  6. ne community seite die die interessanten seiten der stadt zeigt. da muessen wir mal fett "werbung" fürs fsk und nadir machen
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