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  1. qtopia snapshots zum selber compilieren
  2. openmokofdom releases
  3. September 2010 was the 50th Anniversary of the coining of the term 'cyborg'. Over the course of the month, this site was updated 50 times with links to material — most of it new — celebrating 50 years of one of the 20th Century's more enduring concepts. Now it's gone dark.
  4. Another (street) view
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  5. fetter aaron spectre dubstep breakcore remix
  6. und noch die webseite
  7. Wenn ein Abgeordneter sein Mandat niederlegt, dann ist dies alltägliche Normalität innerhalb einer Demokratie.
  8. hmmm, lecker algerische rezepte
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  9. Because of their high radioactivity, fuel rods continue to produce very significant heat even after they are no longer useful for generating electricity and are removed from the reactor core. Such “spent fuel” rods need to be continually cooled for many years to prevent them from heating to a level where they would suffer damage.
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