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  1. An implementation of djb's redo-concept replacing GNU make
    26-12-2010 to and -1 others
  2. Python script which will generate a LaTeX Beamer presentation out of a YAML file
  3. funktioniert auch fuer Uni Hamburg (cert-import weglassen)
    13-10-2008 to , , and -1 others
  4. "online application for downloading and converting videos from such services as YouTube, Daily Motion, Mega Video, Vimeo, TwitVid.com, Veoh, Google Video and many others. You can download video and audio in MP3, AVI, FLV Flash, iPod / iPhone and other popular formats. The service is fast and doesn't require you to register."
    11-08-2010 to , and -1 others
  5. "Here I’ll show you how to add/delete git tags locally and remotely"
    22-03-2009 to and -1 others
  6. dvd2mkv - a simple bash script that recodes DVDs to mkv (h264+ac3+subs)
    04-05-2009 to , , and -1 others
  7. including hints on ruby-dbus and gem!
    11-08-2008 to , and -1 others
  8. howto seperate a single subdirectory from a git-repository into a new, own one. git is incredible.
  9. Onsite data entry: FreeRunner + USB keyboard
    04-08-2008 to , and -1 others
  10. "Eventually, particularly when trying to download old torrents, most BitTorrent users find themselves with a transfer which stops due to the swarm having no seeds, not enough peers to cover the full release, or the tracker going down. btReAnnouncer is a
    24-10-2008 to and -1 others

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