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  2. Dooble is a Secure and Open Source Web Browser that provides solid performance, stability, and cross-platform functionality. One of the application's most important goals is to safeguard the privacy of its community with a group of integrated privacy features of the browser: search engine, secure messenger, and e-mail client. The installer also provides a means of installing the Dooble browser component.
  3. Samples are provided to allow reader to get basic idea of a potential attack and almost every section includes a brief information about itself.
  4. These patches and custom debian packages allow a system administrator to retain less data. Typically, it is not possible to control what data is retained, logged, and distributed with various internet services. By allowing you to retain less data, these p
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  5. We show that disk encryption, the standard approach to protecting sensitive data on laptops, can be defeated by relatively simple methods. We demonstrate our methods by using them to defeat three popular disk encryption products: BitLocker, which comes wi
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  8. DAV allows users to place and manipulate files in a directory on your web server. This means that you should take particular care in configuring your DAV server.
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