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  1. Easy Breadcrumb takes advantage of the work you've already done for generating your paths' alias, while it naturally encourages the creation of semantic and consistent paths.
  2. This module integrates the excellent HTML5 "true WYSIWYG" editor Aloha Editor) with Drupal.
  3. Creating a responsive image slider gallery that uses adaptive images with Drupal 7, despite the intimidating title, is actually quite easy to do. In fact, you only need to use two contributed modules to do it.
  4. In BOTCHA, we don't abuse our human users - BOTCHA protection is completelytransparent to them and non-intrusive.
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  5. Each bean instance has a corresponding block. Users interact with them in the same way they might use any other block in Drupal. The Bean module does not attempt to interface with the placement of blocks. Bean deals only with the creation of customized, fieldable blocks.
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  6. Ubercart2 installations-/Konfigurationsanleitung
  7. This module provides hotness metrics for nodes and comments by radioactivity model. In essense, nodes or comments receiving attention are heated while inactive ones slowly cool down
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  8. his module helps you fix translations on your site as you see the issues. Just by navigating around your pages, you'll be able to fix translations and fill in missing ones using the on-page translation editor. At the same time, if configured properly, the module also submits your translations back to the community, to localize.drupal.org or any other localization server.

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