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  1. LiveReload guard allows to automatically reload your browser when 'view' files are modified.
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  2. The world's most advanced browser HTML5 based WYSIWYG editor lets you experience a whole new way of editing. It's faster than existing technologies and offers unprecedented WYSIWYG functionalities.
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  3. Ruby library for rendering safe templates which cannot affect the security of the server they are rendered on.
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  6. HTML-Formulare einheitlich stylen
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  7. Microsoft provides virtual machine disk images to facilitate website testing in multiple versions of IE, regardless of the host operating system. Unfortunately, setting these virtual machines up without Microsoft's VirtualPC can be extremely difficult. The ievms scripts aim to facilitate that process using VirtualBox on Linux or OS X. With a single command, you can have IE7, IE8 and IE9 running in separate virtual machines.
  8. Ubercart2 installations-/Konfigurationsanleitung
  9. Modernizr adds classes to the <html> element which allow you to target specific browser functionality in your stylesheet. You don't actually need to write any Javascript to use it.
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