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  1. Wir sind ein Zusammenschluß von Menschen, die sich zusammengefunden haben um kollektiv in den Bereichen solidarisches Leben, nachhaltige Entwicklung, angepasste Technologie zu arbeiten. Wir verstehen uns dabei nicht als ein rein wissenschaftliches Forschungsinstitut, welches versucht Wissen zu generieren sondern Ziel ist es dieses Wissen anzuwenden und weiterzugeben.
  2. Waterpodâ„¢ is a floating, sculptural, eco-habitat designed for the rising tides. It launched in the summer of 2009, navigate down the East River, explore the waters of New York Harbor, docking at several Manhattan piers on the Hudson River before continuing onward. The Waterpodâ„¢ demonstrates future pathways for water -based innovations. As a sustainable, navigable living space, the Waterpodâ„¢ showcases the critical importance of the environment and art, serving as a model for new living, d.i.y. technologies, art, and dialogue. It illustrates positive interactions between communities: public and private; artistic and social; aquatic and terrestrial while exploring the cultural richness of New York's five boroughs and beyond. The Waterpodâ„¢ embodies self-sufficiency and resourcefulness, learning and curiosity, human expression and creative exploration. With this project, we hope to encourage growth and progress as we visualize the future. Through its dilatory, watery peregrinations, the Waterpod intends to

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