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  1. "Der erfundene Ort" - Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin In der Ausgabe 47 erschien am 23. November der 10-seitige Artikel über Tempelhof - mit wirklich schönen Bildern
  2. Größeres Permakultur-Projekt in Dortmund
  3. This is a design for my allotment which I started in 2008 and it is constantly going under review and improvements. As for good permaculture practice a design is never "Finished".
  4. This site provides information on our permaculture holding at Tir Penrhos Isaf. We have been working at Penrhos (or Benthros, as it is known locally) since 1986 and been living here since February 1992 when we gained temporary planning permission from the Snowdonia National Park. Over that time we have continued to develop our permaculture design for the holding through the practical application of the ethics and principles of permaculture.
  5. Formerly known as OpenGoo, Feng Office Collaboration Platform enables you to: * Manage your projects and business services * Collaborate with your team and your customers * Organize and share documents and files
  6. Port20 ist eine Idee, ein Konzeptname für einen Hackerspace in Hamburg.
  7. projekt wie evilr00t, gut gemacht
    23-03-2006 to , by totpunk and -1 others

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