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  3. Unix Tools unter Mac OS X. Alternativ zu Fink oder MacPorts
  4. A list of the latest Quicksilver plugins available. This list is compiled from sources all over the web, and should have the most recent plugins that work with Mac OS X 10.5 and 10.6.
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  5. Snow Leopard has the ability to mount NTFS volumes as read/write, but it's not enabled by default
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  6. A Quick Look plugin for source code with syntax highlighting
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  7. Anhand von Metasploit und dem Gnu Debugger gdb zeigt Paul Harrington, wie er unter Mac OS X einem Buffer Overflow in der Webcam-Server-Software Evocam auf die Schliche kommt und einen Exploit zum Einschleusen von Code entwickelt. Dabei zeigt er wie man den Code anpasst, um die richtigen Register und Teile des Speichers zu überschreiben. Harrington zeigt auch, wie man trotz Apples Library-Randomisation-Schutz vor Angriffen Systemfunktionen aufrufen kann
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  8. ShrinkIt is a simple, small, Panic-internal tool (for Mac OS X Snow Leopard) that will automate the process of stripping needless metadata from PDFs by re-saving them using Apple’s PDF processor. For app resources and icons that aren’t using high-end Illustrator features, this should be lossless — Apple’s PDF code is not compressing anything, just removing cruft. Simply drop a bunch of files (not folders) onto it — such as the contents of your app’s Resources folder — to have it find the PDFs and do its magic. The original files will be renamed with the prefix “_org_” for backup safety. That’s it!
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  9. Must have hack by Steven Frank.
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  10. MPlayer OSX Extended is an unofficial extension of the MPlayer OSX user interface. Development on the official MPlayer OSX frontend has been slow in recent years and MPlayer OSX Extended tries to change that. The project is focused on a steady pace and aimed at making MPlayer OSX what it ought to be: A simple but powerful video player.
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