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  1. The popular image is of cyborg as supermodel: a streamlined, metallic mannequin, the flexibility of flesh reinforced with the precision of steel and circuitry; a robot of symmetrical form and shimmering mechanism; an ikon of immortality, flickering agelessly through mechanical reproduction. We are these things, yes. And have been in metaphor, well before any rude augmentation was imagined, or attempted. But this model, super- or otherwise, is not the best image of the cyborg. Machines had their eponymous Age, but it was not until becoming Information that they came into their own. And ours. First introduced in a 1960 article notable for its profound reversal of entity and environment, cyborg made its linguistic debut and in so doing, proposed radical new destinies to manifest.
  2. A Cyborg Manifesto: Science, Technology, and Socialist-Feminism in the Late Twentieth Century
  3. cooler artikel zum thema künstliche körperteile
  4. detalierte erklärungen zu den einzelnen cyborg ersatzteilen
  5. was man heute schon an mechanischen ersatzteilen in den menschein einbauen kann

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