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  1. To make the process of configuration easier, a new build target has been added: make localmodconfig. It runs "lsmod" to find all the modules loaded on the current running system
    13-04-2012 to , , by totpunk and -1 others
  2. xtables (ip, ip6), ebtables
  3. Joshua Snyder (<josh_at_imagestream.com>) made a detailed picture about the IP packet flow on a Linux bridging firewall.
  4. 15-09-2009 to , , , by tante and -1 others
  5. Skip-free audio and video playback is a fundamental expectation for many - if not most - Linux users. Given the importance of this feature and the increase in hardware performance over the years, one would think that the audio latency problem would have been solved some time ago. The recent posting of (and mixed reception for) the "RealtimeKit" mechanism shows that this issue remains open, though, and that we are still short of a consensus on how it should be solved.
    19-07-2009 to , , , by totpunk and -1 others
  6. Welcome to the RT Wiki, the Wiki Web for the CONFIG_PREEMPT_RT community, and real-time Linux in general.
  7. it is possible to get latencies far below perceptible levels. The steps needed to get such results is what this article will address.
  8. As the patch becomes more and more usable and significant parts are leaking into the Linux kernel, we see the urgent need for more documentation. This paper tries to fill this gap and provide a condensed overview about the RT-Preempt kernel and its usage.

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