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  1. edit ~/.pam_environment
    16-04-2013 to , , by tostado and -1 others
  2. Automatically download and update your translations fetching them from localize.drupal.org or any other Localization server.
    19-12-2011 to , , , by ibot and -1 others
  3. his module helps you fix translations on your site as you see the issues. Just by navigating around your pages, you'll be able to fix translations and fill in missing ones using the on-page translation editor. At the same time, if configured properly, the module also submits your translations back to the community, to localize.drupal.org or any other localization server.
  4. der localize server hat endlich auch de an bord
    12-03-2010 to , , by totpunk and -1 others
  5. About haxe.xml.Proxy
  6. i18n of haxe applications
  7. We're working on a site build for a client who publishes an enormous amount of text content in six different languages. Their collection of videos, however, is currently only available on the English version of the site. Since the videos are very useful
  8. 11-11-2005 to , , by trebron and -1 others

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