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  2. blockdiag and its family generate diagram images from simply text file, like graphviz
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  3. Graphopt is a graph layout tool that was created by Michael Schmuhl for graphs that other layout tools (Graphviz, for example) could not produce meaningful visual representations.
  4. Combined with other utilities such as GraphViz, XMLStarlet allows for rapid application prototyping and development
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  5. This started with the simple question "how exactly does package X pull in package Y when I install it". The only way I knew of was to use aptitude interactively and just guess which package was the most likely culprit.
  6. This article is about using the dot tool from the Graphviz package to automatically generate UML diagrams on the fly. We'll take a look at modelling packages, classes, attributes, methods and associations which already covers a fair subset of the class d
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  7. TraceViz: Visualizing traceroute output with graphivz
  8. Kategorien auf Wikipedia graphisch browsen

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