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  1. Access all the Google services without proprietary closed software (Lineage Fork)
  2. google such proxy
  3. Wie Suchergebnisse auf Userverhalten angepasst werden etc..
  4. Wie aus Suchergebnissen Profile, Geld und Datenschutzverletzungen werden
  5. schenken wir google unsere sozialen daten: The social data hub is a free platform that social networks and other social platforms can use to integrate their activity streams— like +1, votes, and comments—with Google Analytics.
  6. google mac-adress tracking
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  8. GoogleSharing is a special kind of anonymizing proxy service, designed for a very specific threat. It ultimately aims to provide a level of anonymity that will prevent Google from tracking your searches, movements, and what websites you visit. GoogleSharing is not a full proxy service designed to anonymize all your traffic, but rather something designed exclusively for your communication with Google. Our system is totally transparent, with no special "alternative" websites to visit. Your normal work flow should be exactly the same.
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